Contact your local representatives

If you are concerned about inappropriate large scale development proposals for our area, write to your local representatives – tell them of your concerns and ask what they intend to do.

Send them an email and copy them all in –,,,,

Points to include might be:

  • The proposals do not conform with the LDP (Local Development Plan)
  • The proposals do not follow the governments preferred options as set out in SESPlan (South East Scotland Plan)
  • The development is on Green Belt land
  • The proposal is unnecessary in terms of housing demand, as land has already been allocated by CEC                           (City of Edinburgh Council)


  1. Thank you Mike for updates , spoke to Bill Henderson this morning and I’m about to post my response to the exhibition to Antony Duthie at Clarendon rather than respond to the loaded ( in their favour ! ) questionnaire that was handed out on the night . keep up the good work !


  2. Thanks for updating me. I did not manage to get to the exhibition- was there any literature available ? Will be contacting councillors next week once relatives have gone home!


  3. There was some literature which was forwarded on to those who attended and requested it. I have now forwarded it on to you, but I can safely say that it was quite misleading and inaccurate!!


  4. This is really good. I feel that together we are starting to make our presence felt. Ricky Henderson certainly knows how I feel about all these proposals. If anyone is wanting me to shove things through doors, let me know. I’ve no problem with fighting for our rural community which we all love so much. I’ll never complain about the snow again!!!


  5. I attended the exhibition in the Community Centre arriving very shortly after it had opened at 4pm. It was already overcrowded and impossible to see the posters and information on the walls. It was also impossible to speak to the developers representatives. Why on earth they chose to use the Community Centre Room which was obviously far too small and what benefit it was either to the community or the developers escapes me other than the developer being able to say that they had put on an exhibition and consultation exercise?


  6. Hi, I wrote to those outlined above and will post each of their replies separately… here is what I said:

    Dear Sirs,

    I write with reference to the above proposals and write to express my objection and concern. As a homeowner in the area (6 Crosswood Crescent), we are concerned by proposals to build on Green Belt land and to develop housing in an area that does not have the infrastructure to support it (schools, shops, sewage etc..). The plans also do not seem to preserve or enhance the natural and built environment of the historic village.
    I would be grateful for your attention to this matter and sensitive handling of it.
    Kind Regards

    Craig Irving


    • Great job! The feedback below looks promising, but the more people who contact them, the better. A steady stream of communication with politicians, between now and early May, will build a consensus and support for the Green Belt. At this point the developers will be free to put in a formal planning application and the decision making process begins in earnest.


  7. Thank you for your email in relation to the development at Cockburn Crescent. I am aware of this and I am making enquiries as to what stage the application has reached. I agree with you that this looks like yet another attempt to get a foot in the door as far as the green belt is concerned. I am also not sure that the housing proposed is needed in Balerno. In addition to that there are, as you say, policies at a local level which would suggest that this application ought to be refused.

    Yours sincerely

    Alistair Darling MP


  8. Many thanks for your message, please accept my apologies for the delay in replying.
    You may be interested to know that the Council’s Planning Committee yesterday took the next step in agreeing the Local Development Plan for Edinburgh (for 2015-20) which maintains the Green Belt status at Cockburn Crescent and around Balerno. Any planning applications will therefore be considered in that light.

    You can click on a map showing the details on this link –

    Currently, I’m reasonably confident that the Green Belt around Juniper Green, Currie and Balerno will remain largely intact mainly because of the policies adopted by the Council. Large sites on the west of the city along the A8 corridor have been identified and this seems a more sensible option for development.
    Hope the above is of some help, please don’t hesitate to get back to me if you wish to discuss further.
    Ricky H

    Councillor Ricky Henderson


  9. It should be no surprise to you bearing in mind my publicly declared opposition to building on the Greenbelt that I agree with you and will do all I can to prevent this development.

    Best regards

    Bill Henderson
    SNP Councillor Pentland Hills


  10. I object to the building proposal on the grounds it will disrupt wildlife on the site, also there is a lack of local amenities for the no. of houses proposed and not forgetting it is after all ‘green belt’ land!


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