Update Dec 2018 + get involved

Glenbrook – Application submitted for 53 houses (Sept 2017) – appeal refused Dec 2018

Ravelrig – this is now being built, as the Reporter upheld the developers appeal.

Newmills – this is now being built, as it is included in the latest LDP

Mansfield – developers appeal  was refused for the second time – unlikely to go further

Harlaw Gait – developers appeal was refused – unlikely to go further

What next?

1. Follow us by clicking on the Follow button at the bottom of this page

2. Write to your local representatives – CLICK HERE

3. Demand system change to rebalance the planning system – follow Planning Democracy





  1. Thanks Mike, or should I say, more truly bad news for Balerno.

    I saw you pass Sophie & Sandy’s (my I laws at number 56) on Sunday and was going to pop out and ask if you had any word on what was going on I the field opposite the ‘east filed’ I.e. The digging, which for some was seen as early investigative “field feasibility studies”. Sandy said they look like they. Are digging up the top soil to sell on! My daughter Suggested the it was archaeological, again investigative studies, to eliminate any protest on that vain. Whatever they are doing the further development proposals make of the argument an even great Issue. Kind regards. Alex Mowatt.



  2. I see that the public exhibition about the Goodtrees development of 600 houses is planned for the Monday of the October week holiday…..Was this a deliberate ploy…? Would they consider rescheduling it…..?! Thanks Ruth


  3. My son Cameron age 6 just submitted a letter to the council complaining about the terrible impact the Goodtrees development will have on the local habitat and countryside. He is genuinely upset about the greenbelt being destroyed and wants to Council to help stop it!


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