Reporter approves Ravelrig plan

Last week residents were informed by the government Reporter that developers Gladman have been successful in their appeal – against the refusal by City of Edinburgh Council – to build 120 houses on Green Belt near the Ravelrig Road.  Balerno Community Council is calling a residents meeting about the proposal on Thurs 13th August at 7pm in Balerno High School.

This development is not in the LDP (Local Development Plan) and is not zoned for development in the near future. It effectively represents “planning by appeal”, as Balerno Community Council comments here:

“The meeting will focus on the the planning system, in particular in relation to the Balerno Greenbelt and the recent appeal affecting the Ravelrig/Pilmuir area. It appears that due to a failure of Edinburgh City Council to introduce updated local plans with a reasonable timetable, that this failure leaves the door open for developers who have been previously refused permission, to then successfully appeal to the Scottish Government DPEA, who then give permission for a major housing development within the Balerno Green Belt, even when the area is still designated within the current and proposed local plan as being greenbelt.

I am baffled why a Balerno resident who wished to only build 4 homes within the Balerno greenbelt was refused by the DPEA and why now the DPEA says it is OK for a developer to build 120 houses also within the greenbelt.

Many Balerno residents feel that Balerno is being punished by the Scottish Government for the failings of the City Council, as a result many are asking if the Balerno CC can take any action to stop the development. We will therefore be asking the Edinburgh City Council to proceed with a judicial review. We will also be asking for the Scottish Government to pull back this decision, to allow sufficient time for the City Council to proceed with the on-going local planning process.

Balerno CC is not opposed to housing developments, but they should firstly be using brown field sites and if greenfield/greenbelt sites are later needed, then this should be decided via the local planning process and not by a Scottish Government employee.” (underlining by Balerno Green Belt)




  1. Despite sending in objections to this application (twice) I have still not received any written notification of this strange decision, by one person, that overturns any democratic process. It appears that Govt can ignore local opinions by appointing a person to make their own decision. What is the purpose of consulting about local plans and designating areas for particular purposes if inputs are to be ignored?


  2. Yes, democracy leaves off when the Government Reporter steps in. A two tier planning system – firstly an attempt at democracy and sustainable planning, but ultimately “planning by appeal”. It’s a joke and a scandal.


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