Glenbrook – application submitted for 53 houses

Developers Clarendon, with local landowner Simon Thomson, have recently submitted a new application to build up to 53 houses by the junction of the Johnsburn / Glenbrook road – see previous posts for map. This application is for development on Green Belt land, and is not part of the recently published Local Development Plan.

The new deadline for comments is Friday 27th October – to submit comments, please read on…

2 ways of sending in your comments:

  1. Online – follow the steps below.
  2. By post – using the details below.
  1. Online:

Go to “Planning and Building Standards Portal” page – link is below

Click on “click on “Register” button at top of page (skip to “Log In” if you have already registered in the past)

Log in when you have registered (easy)

Click on the Search button and Enter keyword “Glenbrook”

On the Application Summary, click on the “Comments” tab followed by the “Make a Public Comment” button

NOTE: If commenting online, type up your objection letter beforehand in a separate (Word) document, as you will only be allowed 2,000 characters for your online submission. Experience is showing this to be the easiest way.


OR: if it all gets too much!…email your comments to:  quoting reference 17/04001/PPP and ask for an acknowledgement.

  1. By post:

Send your letter to: Planning & Building Standards, City of Edinburgh Council, Level C5, Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, EH8 8BG, quoting ref. 17/04001/PPP, including your name and address. There is of course no limit as to how much you write!

Remember to allow for the deadline – Tues 17th October 2017

Writing your letter:

– base your points mainly on the planning terms below

– try to use your own words and ideas – if you “cut and paste” it will be spotted and discounted.

LETTER OF OBJECTION re. proposal for 53 houses on Land 95 m. North West of 10, Glenbrook Road, Balerno

Ref: 17/04001/PPP  

Include your name and address

Dear sir / madam

I wish to object to the above application for planning permission in principle on the following grounds:

The site is within Edinburgh’s Green Belt and the Pentlands Special Landscape Area (cSLA08) as defined in the Edinburgh Local Development Plan (LDP) adopted in November 2016. This development is contrary to Green Belt Policy (Env 10) and Special Landscape Area Policy (Env 11) of the Edinburgh Local Development Plan.

The site is highly sensitive in landscape terms and the unique open vista of well-tended farmland and hills is much valued by local residents and visitors alike. The site is part of the Pentlands Special Landscape Area (cSLA08), which forms part of the Local Development Plan (policy Env 10.)  Any development would sit prominently on the skyline and could not be achieved without significant detriment to the landscape.

The existing green belt boundary to the west of Balerno is clearly formed by the main roads which are lined by woodland. Whilst the site has woodland enclosure to the south and west, it lacks a defensible green belt boundary to the north.

The site is part of the historic landscape setting for Bankhead House (Historic 18th C Category B Listed Building – Historic Scotland Reference: LB26869 ), and should be protected under policy Env 3 Listed Buildings – Setting of the Local Development Plan.

The site is within Edinburgh Survey Site 264: Balerno Villas  – Gardens and Designed Landscapes Report and Map which relates specifically to Glenbrook Road. The historic buildings and their surrounding landscapes and views on Glenbrook Road are therefore considered of historic local/national significance and should be protected under Local Development Plan policy Env 7 – Historic Gardens and Designed Landscapes.

One of the key objectives of the Edinburgh Local Development Plan is ‘Caring for the Environment’. The Edinburgh Local Development Plan states that one of its objectives is to ‘To protect important landscape and natural features of the environment, including the city’s Green Belt setting’. The proposed development would undermine this key objective.

The proposed site is not a sustainable location for new housing development – because of the rural location outwith the settlement of Balerno, potential residents would be heavily reliant on the car for transport. The only bus service (no.44) is located at a considerable distance from the proposed development and there are no safe or designated pedestrian routes to access this service. There is no safe route for children to walk to school from this location, the only route is a country road with poor sightlines and without pavements.

Core planning principles likewise emphasise reducing the need to travel for employment, recreation and services by promoting more self-contained and viable communities – there is little employment within Balerno, which has the lowest employment accessibility score in the City of Edinburgh. Likewise local services and retail outlets are very limited within Balerno, making travel (by car mainly) a daily necessity. The No. 44 bus service, whilst frequent, only travels towards the city centre, passing through the highly congested Lanark Road communities of Currie and Juniper Green. This makes for slow and lengthy journeys.

The location of the proposed development has been the location of several road accidents in recent years. The additional traffic generated by reliance on the use of private cars to access this rural location would add to the risk of road accidents. It would also increase the risk to pedestrians and cyclists utilising Glenbrook Road.

There is no established requirement for any further housing development in the Balerno area beyond those sites already allocated in the Local Development Plan and accordingly there is no reasonable basis to set aside the requirements of the Green Belt to permit a housing development on this rural site.

This application is contrary to the policies and principles of the recently adopted (Nov 2016) Edinburgh Local Development Plan. It represents an opportunistic and speculative attempt to override the policies and principles of this LDP.

Add your own thoughts and concerns as well…


Download and print out the Window poster 2015.07 – to encourage your neighbours and show resistance to the developers!




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