Bankhead / Glenbrook application for 5 houses – REFUSED

Residents will be relieved to learn that the application to build 5 houses in the Bankhead/Glenbrook area, promoted by local landowner Simon Thomson & Clarendon land agents has been refused.

The refusal was based on 3 points:

1. The proposed development is contrary to the Edinburgh LDP (Local Development Plan) policy ENV 10: Development in the Green Belt and Countryside Areas.

2. The application site lies outwith the West Edinburgh Strategic Development Area (SDA) as defined by the Strategic Development Plan (SDP) and as such its development would be inconsistent with the SDP’s spatial strategy, which seeks to prioritise in the first instance the development of brownfield land and land within identified SDAs.

3. The 2016 Housing Land Audit and Delivery Programme (HLADP) concludes that there is sufficient effective housing land for the next five years to meet the housing land requirements set by the Strategic Development Plan.

The viability of the bigger application to build 53 houses in the same area ought to be in doubt after this decision, but as residents will know, there is little that is logical or democratic in our planning process.


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