Glenbrook – last call for comments – Friday 27th Oct

Residents are reminded that the deadline for comments on this proposal is for this coming Friday, 27th Oct. If you object to the destruction of our Green Belt, the undermining of the Local Development Plan, and the continuing overload of our roads and local infrastructure – you need to make your voice heard. Further guidance on  how to comment CLICK HERE

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Glenbrook deadline – update

The deadline for comments on the Glenbrook proposals has so far been extended to Friday 27th October. This gives more time for information about the proposals to disseminate more widely, and for the community to respond to them – particularly as the original date of 17th Oct fell in the middle of half term.

BCC (Balerno Community Council) is also concerned that while developers Clarendon were able to publish an article in last months C&B News about the proposals, the current deadline for comments does not give the community the time to reply with article in C&B News, giving their own point of view. Therefore in the interests of balance, BCC is requesting both planners and councillors to consider a further deadline extension to Nov 10th. We will keep you updated…

Glenbrook – application submitted for 53 houses

Developers Clarendon, with local landowner Simon Thomson, have recently submitted a new application to build up to 53 houses by the junction of the Johnsburn / Glenbrook road – see previous posts for map. This application is for development on Green Belt land, and is not part of the recently published Local Development Plan.

The new deadline for comments is Friday 27th October – to submit comments, please read on…

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Glenbrook – the Thin End of the Wedge for Balernos Green Belt

Developers Clarendon have recently submitted a minor proposal to build a preliminary 5 houses, on land adjacent to the proposed 60 house development that is already earmarked for Glenbrook Road (see previous post). It is not hard to see that this small scale proposal could pave the way for the main Glenbrook development to go ahead more smoothly. Add this to the fact that the local landowner (Simon Thomson) owns the Goodtrees land to the west of Cockburn Crescent, and that Clarendon were the agents behind the twice refused Cockburn Cres proposal for 150 houses to the south of Cockburn Crescent.

In the light of this, it may be wise for residents to comment on this seemingly minor proposal.

PAN submitted for 60 houses at Glenbrook

Developers Clarendon have recently submitted a PAN (Proposal of Application Notice) to build 50 – 60 houses on the land to the north of the Glenbrook / Johnsburn junction – double click on the image below to enlarge it:

There will be a public exhibition, at our Community Centre, for local people to comment on the proposals, on Wed 7th June 2017. Residents who are concerned about the ongoing destruction of the Green Belt are invited to get informed & involved with others to prevent this inappropriate development.

For further information, CLICK HERE, and enter the search reference 17/02058/PAN

Ravelrig – community sets out demands to CEC and CALA

Now that the Ravelrig development is inevitable, Balerno Community Council have begun negotiations with CEC (City of Edinburgh Council) and CALA Homes to make the best of a bad deal for Balerno. Whilst asserting that the housing represents the wrong houses in the wrong place (but great news for CALA’s record £60 m. profits) the community needs to demand the best possible outcomes from a wealthy developer who will be building up at Ravelrig for the next 4-5 years, adding to local traffic congestion with lorries, vans & earth movers. Continue reading

Harlaw Gait decision letter

Following the news last week that the Harlaw Gait appeal has been refused by the Reporter, the decision letter is attached here to read. The main grounds for refusal seem to stem from landscape, conservation area and Green Belt considerations. As we have seen with other local planning decisions (eg. Ravelrig Gait), land simply designated as Green Belt now seems to be insufficient grounds for a refusal.

Cockburn Cres – saved again!

The Reporters decision on the Appeal by developers Barratt David Wilson to develop the land south of Cockburn Cres has been announced today – and the answer is still a Refusal. This is the second appeal by the developers since the first one was lodged in March 2014. Residents might be wondering why a second appeal was allowed to be submitted so soon after the first had been so comprehensively rejected by the Reporter. Download decision here.

Reporter approves Ravelrig plan

Last week residents were informed by the government Reporter that developers Gladman have been successful in their appeal – against the refusal by City of Edinburgh Council – to build 120 houses on Green Belt near the Ravelrig Road.  Balerno Community Council is calling a residents meeting about the proposal on Thurs 13th August at 7pm in Balerno High School.

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