Ravelrig – send in your comments by Friday 26th February!

The City of Edinburgh Planning Committee will meet this Friday (24.2.21) to discuss the Ravelrig 350 houses proposal. This is a chance for our community to make clear its views to the councillor members of the Committee.

In particular we have discovered a letter from the Roads Authority that recommends refusal on the grounds of poor transport links – we need to amplify their points with local viewpoints.

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Ravelrig: online petition – sign here

An online petition against the building of 350 houses on Green Belt land at Ravelrig has now been launched using the 38 Degrees site. If this development concerns you, click on the link below and share it also:


The petition will be used to highlight the strength of local feeling to both councillors, MSPs and the Scottish Reporter.


Ravelrig 350 houses – comment by Sun 6th Dec

Developers Rapleys have now renewed their planning application to build up to 350 houses in the Ravelrig area.

Residents have until Sun 6th of December to submit comments on this Green Belt proposal on the north side of Balerno, adjacent to Ravelrig Heights and the Newmills development.

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Glenbrook – glamping pods refused by Reporter

The DPEA Reporter has now rejected the developers appeal to build 6 glamping pods near to the steadings on Glenbrook Road. The proposal had already been rejected by CEC Planning Committee, and therefore the developer had gone to appeal. This means that the proposals can go no further – for the time being at least.

In his comments, the Reporter quite rightly referred to many of the points made by local residents. Local people have again proved that engaging with Reporters both in written form and personally ( – during his site visit) can be effective in restraining inappropriate, Green Belt, development.


Reporter refuses Glenbrook 53 house application

In a late Christmas present for local people, the Reporter has refused the application by Clarendon to build 53 houses on Green Belt land on the Glenbrook Road just outside of Balerno. His refusal seems to be based mainly on Green Belt and landscape considerations. Click here for full details: Glenbrook refusal 2018.12 . So far at least, the western (Glenbrook), southern (Cockburn Crescent) and eastern (Harlaw Gait) boundaries are proving to be defensible. Residents will be aware that the planning system is heavily weighted in favour of developers however. Community Right of Appeal (CRA) for applications that fall outside of the LDP would forestall this.

Glenbrook 5 house review / appeal – REFUSED

Residents may recall that this application was refused by CEC Planning in January of this year. Since then, the developer appealed the decision to CEC Planning Dept. This  appeal has once again been refused by the CEC Planning Local Review Body (LRB). The refusal letter from LRB is attached here.

Many residents responded to the review notice with detailed and well argued letters of objection, and these seem to have been duly noted by CEC Planning.

Glenbrook – the Thin End of the Wedge for Balernos Green Belt

Developers Clarendon have recently submitted a minor proposal to build a preliminary 5 houses, on land adjacent to the proposed 60 house development that is already earmarked for Glenbrook Road (see previous post). It is not hard to see that this small scale proposal could pave the way for the main Glenbrook development to go ahead more smoothly. Add this to the fact that the local landowner owns the Goodtrees land to the west of Cockburn Crescent, and that Clarendon were the agents behind the twice refused Cockburn Cres proposal for 150 houses to the south of Cockburn Crescent.

In the light of this, it may be wise for residents to comment on this seemingly minor proposal.

Glenbrook – application submitted for 53 houses

Developers Clarendon, with local landowner Simon Thomson, have recently submitted a new application to build up to 53 houses by the junction of the Johnsburn / Glenbrook road – see previous posts for map. This application is for development on Green Belt land, and is not part of the recently published Local Development Plan.

The new deadline for comments is Friday 27th October – to submit comments, please read on…

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Cockburn Cres – saved again!

The Reporters decision on the Appeal by developers Barratt David Wilson to develop the land south of Cockburn Cres has been announced today – and the answer is still a Refusal. This is the second appeal by the developers since the first one was lodged in March 2014. Residents might be wondering why a second appeal was allowed to be submitted so soon after the first had been so comprehensively rejected by the Reporter. Download decision here.