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  1. Successive Developers have been allowed to build houses all around our village and given nothing in the way of facilities to the Community in return for the profits they have made.
    And our Planners don’t seem fit to oppose them, or even stick to their own Local Plans.
    Balerno has become a dormitory. Just loads and loads more houses destroying the character of the village.
    We need to fight these proposals or they will go through by default.

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  2. I have lived in Balerno for 36 years and seen it develope from a small village to a large housing estate we do not need any more houses !! Let us keep the green belt we have for future generations to enjoy


  3. We must make strenuous efforts to protect our dwindling green belt. The planned developments for Mansfield and Newmills will further erode the green belt but will also take away excellent arable land and by doing so could, in the longer term, make it difficult to sustain our growing population if this incompetent approach to planning is allowed to succeed. In the shorter to long term, the A70 cannot cope now with the commuting traffic and such large developments would make this markedly worse as the employment situation in the Balerno area is such the new residents would need to commute to work. Also the local leisure and retail infrastructure would not cope. This is a shockingly opportunistic approach by developers in an attempt to use what would be easy ground for them to develop (thus increasing profits!) to the detriment society in the wider sense.


  4. Without wishing to comment on the specific developments opposed here, I’m curious to know the opinion of local residents as to where the Council SHOULD allow new housing to be built. The main attraction of Currie & Balerno is the school catchment, and compared to outlying areas like Ratho & Kirknewton, there are more local amenities. However, it is the shortage of housing which is driving prices up, making it practically unaffordable to start in, or move in to the area. The only thing that will alleviate that is an increase in the supply, as the demand will never wane, so I can understand the reasons for reconsidering the Green Belt as there really is nowhere else left to build within the corridor of the Bypass. As an aside, the Council have been incredibly short-sighted in their planning of the infrastructure etc. which is why there is no obvious solution. I currently live to the East of the city in a seaside town which is currently fighting a proposed development of 10,000 houses ! With an insufficient rail service the only route to work for many like me is via car, using the notorious Bypass, so you can guess what’s going to happen there… Getting back to my original point, my personal interest in the West side of town is that’s where my family live and where I work, and we would love to return but the only option for us is to either buy a small affordable house and aim to extend for our growing family, or to potentially purchase a new build. It’s an interesting conundrum as normally I’d be siding with you against the developers !


    • Thanks for your thoughtful comments. We do need affordable housing in sustainable locations, but the planning system is fundamentally flawed, as it is essentially developer led, not Plan (LDP) led.The government colludes in supporting these commercial interests ahead of democratically decided and professionally planned LDPs by nodding through developer proposals on Appeal, making a mockery of the whole planning system. Of course it pays more to develop big houses in Green Belt land than affordable housing in brownfield, more central areas.

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  5. I have to agree with the writers above. These areas under consideration will not be ‘affordable’. Who is kidding who ? These will be big houses, or at least expensive houses, great for the developers but not great for the loads of people needing houses who can not dream of affording them, this is after we have trampled all over the green belt.
    I am interested how they expect all the cars from all these houses to get out of Balerno/Currie. The road is grid locked as it is more than just at rush hour. This is so badly thought through


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